000979033E / 420973716 0B5 DL501 Automatic transmission connector

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0B5 Automatic transmission connector with DL501 wires

(terminal block)

Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI A4
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI A5
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI A6
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI A7
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI A8
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI Q5
Automatic Transmission Connector Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI R8
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI RS4
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI RS5
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI RS6
Automatic Transmission Connector AUDI RS7
Automatic Transmission Connector VW AMAROK
Automatic Transmission Connector VW CRAFTER

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